Friday, December 6, 2013

100 Story Building: pumping out stories!

Yesterday was my final volunteer shift at 100 Story Building for 2013 and the top story was pumping with ideas. We had two middle primary groups booked for the Comic Boom Workshop, so over 40 children had the opportunity to write, draw and publish their own comics. Along with Lachlan, Elliot (my co volunteer) and a couple of teachers, the ratio of adults to students is high, ensuring that no child leaves 100 Story Building without making something substantial.

It seems to me that more children are learning about the project and enter the space primed with a sense of anticipation. The atmosphere is more like a playground at times – so much talking, writing, drawing and acting out. Yesterday I modeled for a comic artist (I was a bored mayor with a big stomach, sitting in a chair), we solved creative dilemmas by flipping a coin and had fun with KAPOW, BOOM, SHAZAM and other ways to make special effects with words not to mention the conversations about how comics relate to film storytelling, the silent comic, the difference between the narrator’s voice and the direct speech of character …  I don’t know who gets the most from these workshops, me or the kids!

There are workshops planned for the holidays and more exciting programs being developed for 2014.

Check out what’s on at 100 Story Building HERE

Pic: Lachlan Carter drawing a narrative arc/ story mountain/ story roller coaster diagram

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