Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ruby. The Adventures of a Travel Bug. Written and illustrated by Sean Daniel Cox - launched 15 December 2013

Everything about  Ruby. The Adventures of a Travel Bug is satisfying: the shape, the satin feel, the cover image, and the colour.

On opening the book the delights continue with the tale of Ruby (a ladybird) and her magnificent adventure.  Such a seamless dance of design and text is no accident; behind this publication are years of experience and a creative mind. Sean Daniel Cox comes from a background in advertising, as both a graphic artist and an award-winning copywriter. He has skillfully breathed life and attitude into Ruby with particular care taken for her eyes and antennae, making it impossible not to smile back at the little ladybird. 
The illustrations fill the pages with bold colour and light. You can see the shape of the brush and the texture of the canvas. For children, who also love to paint Sean has described his process on the imprint page. The artwork has been cropped but not tweaked in Photoshop and the font cannily chosen to match the ‘hand made’ look of the book.

Ruby’s adventure is told in such a way that any adult, who also loves to travel will relate. Who of us has not itched with desire at the destination boards at the airport? The characters Ruby meets on the way are visually alive with ‘voices’ that are enjoyable to read aloud. I love Cassie the cheetah’s plain speaking “... I’m really fast” she tells Ruby. At the end of her adventure Ruby pops into the gift shop at the airport in Tanzania and buys herself something to help her remember her friends and her special day. And guess what? There is a little gift for the reader as well. But I’m not telling you what it is - that's a surprise.

Pictures tell stories and words paint pictures and it’s not easy to bring the two together in a way that will satisfy both a child and an adult.  Ruby is a book that achieves just that.

Children’s literature has a new heroine and she’s a sweetie!
To purchase Ruby. The Adventures of a Travel Bug and to learn more about Sean visit their website HERE

And if you're wondering: yes we did eat the cake!

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Moya McFadzean said...

Dear Jackie
Thank you so much for the fantastic rave about Sean's new book and for applying your considerable talents as a storyteller to bringing Ruby to life at the recent launch! She is selling well and feedback from parents and teachers has been really positive. Wishing everyone a ruby-coloured, spotty festive season! Moya


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