Monday, October 19, 2015

‘Tales from the Flyway’: House Concerts

It been a long process with lots of  thinking, bird watching, writing, composing and making, but friend Sarah Depasquale and I finally launched our show at the Williamstown Literary Festival 2015. We dedicate the piece to the Friends Groups and Rangers who care for the urban wetlands and hope that we are contributing to the awareness of the connection between wildlife and habitat in the inner urban area.

We've been enjoying some House Concerts  and thank our friends Cath and Mariam for inviting us into their homes and gardens. We've even managed to raise some money for one of our local Friends Groups.

We've struck it  lucky with delicious afternoon spreads. Jean-Marie is a French chef and those cakes you can see were to die for. At the R.A.W. Garden we were treated to Shah and Sheko, Somalian tea and stories.

Jean-Marie has retired so I can't help you out with the French cakes but if you would like to enjoy an afternoon in the R.A.W Garden you can fiend Mariam and her friends HERE.

'Tales form the Flyway' will be traveling to the Port Fairy Folk Festival in March 2016

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