Monday, August 29, 2011

Tango Tangents. La Mama Sunday August 28 2011

Well ... it would have been nice to get a photo of the full theatre on Sunday afternoon but I was on stage with my colleagues strutting me stuff. This pic was taken just before the doors opened.

A glorious Melbourne day, the folk could have been forgiven for choosing a walk in the park but they didn't - they came to Tango Tangents.

Our entertainment, Tango Tangents is a glimpse into the rich world of Tango culture which includes music, poetry and stories - sometimes sentimental, sometimes satirical and sometimes with a political edge.

Sunday's performance was a tryout of the material and judging by the response, we are on the right track.

If you missed out we will be back at La Mama on December 4 and 18.

Written by Ellar Filar, Jackie Kerin, Faye Bendrups, Alison Richards and Guillermo Anad with short story by Luisa Valenzuela.
Technical support: Alan Davies.

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Leonie said...

Congrats on your such a fab opening performance. I will have to try to make it to the next one.


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