Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kamishibai swap library with UK collaborator - Derek Carpenter

The internet is a wonderful thang!

Here I am in my study in Melbourne Australia chatting via skype with Derek Carpenter (aka Bo the Clown and a dozen other characters). Derek is in his office in the UK in Newcastle.

Derek and I share a love of kamishibai and a passion for sharing stories and building repertoire.

This has led to the Kamishibai Library of Swaps. Kamishibai is a hungry beast and requires a good collection of stories. By swapping you can build your collection and help someone else build theirs. Put a story in - get one out! The world is a big place. Living in our separate hemispheres we're not concerned that our material will overlap. The stories listed have been created by us or inspired by stories out of copyright.

Learn more about Derek Carpenter here
Library of Swaps here
and here

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