Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Carrum Sailing Club. Claire Saxby and Christina Booth

Yesterday I had the pleasure of pedalling my bike to Yarraville - a pretty little precinct in the inner west of Melbourne. With narrow streets, petite wooden Victorian cottages built close to the footpaths and tangled gardens reaching through picket fences - yes ... riding is the best way to enjoy.

Friend and writing buddy, Claire Saxby, was launching her latest picture book for young children. Yarraville's social life centres around the the art deco Sun Cinema, the Sun bookshops and the coffee shops. A fabulous place for a book launch.

While my preoccupation is telling stories to children rather than reading, I still need texts to work with. Claire's previous book, There was and Old Sailor (illustrator: Cassandra Allen) with its rhythmical language and rhyme is a staple in my repertoire. The Carrum Sailing Club is a story with strong sensual appeal. We are invited to feel the sand, get wet and eat. We're invited to dance, fly, hide and explore.

Its a skill and a half to pack so much into 32 pages and with minimal text. There's no doubt, Claire's knowledge and experience of poetry gives her an edge when it comes to writing for the very young.

With beautiful Illustrations by Christina Booth, I reckon this book is a winner.

The Carrum Sailing Club by Claire Saxby and Christina Booth.
publisher: Windy Hollow

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