Thursday, April 5, 2012

Canterbury Tales Book Club Project: Williamstown Literary Festival 6 May 2012

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WARNING: Coarse language, violence, sexual references and blasphemy

My local literary festival is spectacular in the way it showcases literature. There is something for everyone: w/shops, lectures, performances ... The organisers always make room for local contribution, spoken word and storytelling.

This year my mates and I formed a Canterbury Tales Book Club. We have each taken on a task of either responding to a tale or researching the background and history behind the work.

The result promises to entertain, provoke and offend with lectures, songs and re-tellings to whet your appetite for Chaucer. This is Chaucer 101 for enjoyment.

Daniel O’Connell (actor/singer Newport Fiddle and Folk Club) The Miller’s Tale. Very rude!
Bernard Caleo (storyteller/artist/comic book maker) The Nun’s Priest’s Tale – told as a Japanese Kamishibai… and why not?
Simon Leverton (Eco warrior/Newport Fiddle and Folk/musician) Please ride your bike, clap along and join in the chorus! Yes, Simon is bringing Morris Dancers.
Catherine Ryan (teacher/writer/resaurateur) Power Chaucer 101 so sit up and take notes or no dessert!
Claire Saxby (award winning writer) MC extraordinaire – so don’t try and interrupt when others are having their say.
Jackie Kerin (actress/storyteller/writer/ Newport Folk Club/Storytelling Australia Vic). The Pardoner’s Tale. ‘Radix malorum est cupiditas’. She likes to throw in a bit of Latin.

Special Middle English speaking guest: Adrian Francis K. Clarke

WHERE: Williamstown Town Hall Council Chambers
WHEN: Sunday 6 May 2.15 – 5.00
Anticipate going over time and spilling into the local Tavern for further merriment

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