Monday, April 16, 2012

Canterbury Tales Book Club Project: Williamstown Literary Festival 6 May 2012

The Canterbury Tales Book Club Project met for the last time this weekend to swap notes and progress on our assigned tasks. At the Williamstown Literary Festival, Sunday May 6, 2012 we will present our findings on Chaucer and the Tales.

None of the participants knew anything much about the subject and the journey has been a hoot. Catherine Ryan, who is delivering a mini lecture for us, speaks for me when she says 'fear' kept her away from Chaucer. Will it be hard to understand?

Well ... its not. Its a revelation and a joy.

Our musical director, Simon Leverton, was so over come with delight at our gathering, he started dancing in my living room. Morris Dancing!!! Don't tell anyone - he is officially retired from the art, this was a relapse.

I have to say - I can't stop looking at these pictures. For years I have been thinking of writing a story for children with the title 'I saw a Man Dancing'. For me - there is something absolutely heartwarming and
uplifting to see the male of our species give over to dance. The male of any species for that matter. Perhaps that's why I love lyrebirds so much.

Thankyou Simon.

Please come and join the Canterbury Tales Book Club Project.

Check out the rest of the fabulous program and book online

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