Wednesday, April 25, 2012

PAVE Festival Emerald. 2012

Thankyou to JJ Sheills, the PAVE Festival and Cafe Redbox for your 
friendship and hospitality. 

I had been looking forward to this festival for months. Friends Matteo, JJ Sheills and I had prepared a set of stories under the title of A Grimm Reminder - celebrating 200 years since Grimm's publication of Children's and Household Tales. Having tested the water at the Belgrave Library a few weeks ago, we finally presented our work at the PAVE Festival in the Cafe Redbox. There is no doubt that the tales can draw a crowd - so many have memories of their first brush with the Grimm's and none of those memories are neutral!

I spent the night in Emerald so I could attend the poet's breakfast in the morning and here I am presenting Phar Lap the wonderhorse. I also had a chance to tell the story: Lyrebird! a true story and was rewarded with a lovely bottle of red wine.

Enjoy the pic of my mate: Stephen Whiteside at the breakfast on  a chair way too small! 

And Matteo preparing to step up onto the stage at Cafe Redbox.

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Anonymous said...

I was so sorry I missed this - I had a 90th birthday and another event on that weekend. Isn't it always the way? But I'm glad it went well. I'm planning to come to the Chaucer one in Williamstown!


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