Friday, July 20, 2012

Award Winning Bush Verse & Stories 2012

This is the second time I've been anthologised in the Award Winning series. Two of my pieces made it into Award Winning Australian Writing Writing 2009. However this volume is a new concept from Melbourne Books. Award Winning Bush Verse & Stories 2012 edited by Max and Jacqui Merckenschlager, is the first nationally distributed anthology wholly dedicated to competition winners taking inspiration from the Australian bush and way of life.

Many of us storytellers have the folk festivals and folk clubs around Australia to thank for encouraging oral storytelling with events and competitions.

I give thanks to The Port Fairy Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival and especially my local folk club the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club.

Am I excited? Yes. I'm checking the post daily for my copy.

Full details at Melbourne Books.

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Bettina said...

Eh Eh Eh Eh - such a talented fish. Congrats Jack.


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