Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Newport Folk Festival 2012

What an exhausting, exhilarating and heart warming Festival this is. Tentatively initiated five years ago by the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club, it has grown in all the right ways. The committee are always supportive of spoken word and storytelling.

My first day at the Festival began with children in the Newport Library, telling stories and singing with my friend Dharma then it was over to the Bowls Club for WORDS WORDS WORDS where invited storytellers and guests take to the mic and then in the evening, with the support of Storytelling Australia (Vic) we ran an open session for tellers.

My friend Gerry and his friend James photographed some classic moments at WORDS. 

This one taken of Andrew McKenna has caught some of the power of his telling. Andrew can swing from the comic to the dark in the space of a breath.

This is Jen Anderson sweeping her way between the tables, embodying the disgruntled and the cantankerous with her piece Nightmare on Mason Street.

Here is my friend Matteo hosting Stories and Songs by the Fire. Storyteller John Bowers is in full flight. Matteo has the talent of creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere - who could not resist taking a turn in the storyteller's chair with his encouragement. 

So many wonderful moments during the weekend. You can see lots more of the action on the Club website here

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