Sunday, May 5, 2013

Newstead Short Story Tattoo. Fire Stories 2013

It’s six years since I visited the inaugural Newstead Short Story Tattoo at this tiny town in Central Victoria. Curated by Neil Boyack, it’s the only festival in Australia that celebrates the short story. I loved it the first time but it was even better the second time around as I had the fun of meeting up with folk I hadn’t seen since the first time. (… if that makes sense?)

I was there for Fire Stories on Saturday night but made the most of my time attending the sessions in the Community Hall and then cruising over to Clunes Booktown for more readings and more chat and more coffee.

It's worth checking out the website HERE. Be astounded at the guests and the originality of this remarkable event.

As well as spending time with mates from Storytelling Australia (Vic) Anne E Stewart and Andrew McKenna, I had the joy of catching up with Phil Mac, poet, musician and raconteur. I could say so much about my weekend away but I don’t like reading long blogs, so on that basis, I shall spare you. But I urge you … get to know Neil aand Phil.

The sublime Phil playing saw and reminding us that spoken language is music too.

Learn more about Neil Boyack HERE
And Phil Mac: HERE

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