Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cygnet Festival and the Tasmanian Storytellers 2014

January. Here, there and everywhere.

Continuing on with the idea of rebooting storytelling in Tasmania, I travelled to the Cygnet Festival in the Huon Valley to conduct a master class. We have storytelling groups that connect across the mainland and overseas but somehow Tasmania had dropped out of the loop. Its a long story but in a nutshell, the workshop seems to have provided a focus and enough storytellers gathered to create something substantial. You can read about some of the background behind the Storytelling Revival in Australia in the 70's and how it began with Patricia Scott in Tasmania HERE

The Cygnet Festival was brilliant; the weather superb and the vibe indescribably welcoming. I'm hooked! I caught some of the Welcome Ceremony on my little camera. One of the loveliest.

The storytellers and poets I met during the weekend were inspiring.

 The Tassie Tellers now have a Facebook page: HERE

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