Saturday, January 4, 2014

Where do stories come from?

Where do stories come from?  For me, every story has a unique journey; some begin in response to an anecdote, a dream, a request; some begin with words or a tune and some begin with pictures.

This mess you see is a story working its way into the world through sketches. Its a linear narrative (can't you tell?) The words haven't made an appearance yet - well that's not entirely true, there's some dialogue, some Arabic and Vietnamese!

I'm travelling into the story realm and charting the experience as I go. By the end of my exploration, I will have a map - a story map.

Every time I make a story, its like I've never done it before and I wonder: does experience count for anything?

But it does count. I've learned that a new story always feels impossible, that it takes patience and a preparedness to fiddle and massage with ideas and words and images for what seems like an eternity. I've learned that a big mess is inevitable at some point and that the story will keep me awake at night.

And the adventure is marvellous!

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