Thursday, January 23, 2014

More workshops: the Turramurra Folk Music Camp. 2014

There was concern that the Turramurra Folk Music Camp might not go ahead as the temperatures in the Victoria soared into the 40s and fires broke out across the state but a cool change arrived in time and Turramurra was given the thumbs up.

On a strip of land set aside as Land for Wildlife, participants camped or made use of the bunk houses. The event is 100% participatory and inclusive of all ages and skill levels. Fiddles, brass, percussion, voices and dancing feet rocked the bush. My contribution was, of course, storytelling but I managed to attend a brilliant ukulele workshop. 

This was my first visit to a Music Camp and I found the atmosphere jaw dropping. The warmth, joy, respect and celebratory mood, was overwhelming. I’ll be returning.

As the Storytelling Australia (Vic) banner is residing in my study, I took the opportunity to display it in the bush and spruik the joy of storytelling. 

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