Friday, November 28, 2014

Parent Child Mother Goose Program

I've just emerged back into the light after spending two days in an amazing workshop. A good percentage of my storytelling work is with the very young and their carers and I have been wanting to do the Parent Child Mother Goose training for years but the planets have never aligned. Now I have my certificate and I can report that the workshop was immaculately structured, the facilitators (Jacquie and Marilyn) are both extraordinary holders of rhymes, chants and folk tale; I was in the company of two brilliant folk anthologists who use, teach, collect and develop diamonds. The principals behind Mother Goose will inform a chunk of my practice and give depth to the part of my program that was in need of rethinking. And the participants! What a joy to spend time with these energised, thoughful and motivated people. I'm happy!

The Mother Goose 'style' avoids props - the stories and rhymes are all held in the air. As I move from place to place, I don't have the chance to develop relationships and routine like the MG program and I find some props useful, but much of what I have learned during the workshop will deepen and enrich my program - especially the work with 0 - 1 year olds. 

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