Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photos from Clunes Booktown for Kids 2014

What a wonderful festival this is. Working alongside an awesome team of authors and illustrators not to mention the Clunes Booktown committee, volunteers and towns people that work above and beyond the call of duty to make it happen. My thanks to them all.

The weather was a challenge but we coped. Friday was melting hot and on Saturday the temperature plummeted. One fashion crisis after another!

The little town of Clunes sits snug along Creswick Creek, its gold mining past palpable;  mullock heaps,  poppet heads and copses of elms and poplars tell the tale of the environmental disaster that came with the gold rush. The town  was neglected for many years and perhaps that's why so much of the architecture is still in tact.

Evocative, poignant, and enigmatic are words I would use to describe Clunes.
pics north to south: The sign arriving from Melbourne, the Town Hall with festive bunting, ready for book signing!

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