Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Storytelling spaces

I'm starting a collection of photos of interesting storytelling spaces. 

On Monday as the sun went down, the fire was lit and I told stories to children who sat around the flames on rubber tyres arranged in tiers. Lots of 'joining in' stories: Abi Yo Yo, Phar Lap, Ned Kelly, Little Rooster. A mix of classic Australian, American and Turkish tales. One day I will work out how to publish my Australian Tellable Tales so other storytellers can include them in their repertoire, an ebook project perhaps? I need help!  No pics of the kids, so you will just have to take my words for it. This space is in Anglesea at a place called Burnside.

And this space is in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical  Gardens in Pete's Patch. It will be a few years before it reaches maturity but the structure is beautiful: espaliered apples and pears will soften the wall, and look at the magnificent wooden bench. Maybe one day I will be invited to tell stories here - in spring!

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