Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bernard Caleo and Michael Camilleri: What It Is?

Readings Bookshop in Carlton has a fabulous events calendar. Like a box of chocolates it's hard to know what to choose.

I chose to go and see Bernard Caleo and Michael Camilleri. Bernard is passionate about Kamishbai storytelling so with lights flashing and sirens sounding, I raced to Carlton with the kamishibai in time for What it is?

I can do no better that quote the website:

The ‘What It Is?’ shows feature comic book makers and

raconteurs live on stage, performances of kamishibai (the

Japanese art of paper theatre), and drawings drawn before your very eyes - to titillate and amaze. A vaudeville of ink on paper, talking heads, outrageous action. Your host: the Svengali of Melbourne comics, Bernard Caleo.

Michael Camilleri (author/artist of 'Itinerant Fighting Monk', the

graphic novella in Going Down Swinging #30, 2010) and Bernard Caleo (editor of The Tango Collection, 2009) wrestle

with Eisenstein's 'montage' theory and argue about it being more

useful for comics than film. Also, the classic kamishibai tale 'Sergei's pram' (2011). Also, a 'collective comic', drawn live.

The next What It Is? : Readings May 30

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