Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Port Fairy Festival: Pat Glover and more ...

Jim Haynes continues to run a program of stories, recitations, songs and more for the Port Fairy Festival. Racing from The Aussie Morning Show where this year he entertained with Noel Stallard and Dennis O'Keefe, he once again did a stirling job hosting the Pat Glover Memorial Storytelling Award.

As a three time winner of the Award, Jim decided to elevate me to the judging panel where this year I sat alongside Noel Stallard and David Stewart.

This is the second time I've sat with the judges and having recovered from the disappointment of not participating, I've now discovered how wonderful it is to sit and listen to stories without the stress of performing. Having said that, I should say that Jim is most gracious and always invites me to tell a tale before the bounce!

I don't find the role of judge easy as the stories are always so different however this year the call was unanimous and Julie Perrin from Storytelling Guild Vic took home the trophy.

I look forward to this event every year as it is at the Pat Glover I first met Stephen Whiteside (poet and CJ Dennis enthusiast), Rob England from SA (articulate spokesperson for the Coorong) and David and Rosemary Stewart who run the venue.

Special thanks to Jamie McKew and the Port Fairy Festival and to David and Rosemary.

Jim has a new book for you to enjoy: Best Australian racing Stories
Learn more about Jim Haynes.

pics (top L to R): Noel Stallard, Margaret (Pat Glover's daughter), Jim Haynes, Julie Perrin, David Stewart, me

(bottom L to R): Stephen Whiteside and JIm Haynes

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