Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Port Fairy Festival: Percussion with Peter Vadiveloo

A storyteller is always in training!
Well...this one is.

The year began with a singing workshop with Richard Gill from the Victorian State Opera. But so much of storytelling is about rhythm.

This year Port Fairy offered a huge range of workshops but I couldn't go past Peter Vadiveloo's offering: Percussion Experience.

Peter is a natural born teacher. Ably assisted by his daughters Ruby and Bella, Peter's workshop included vocal, body and instrumental percussion.

After three sessions Peter had us up on Stage 2 performing before an appreciative audience.

The Festival finished on Monday and here it is
Wednesday and I've just returned from a job
telling stories to 4 year olds where already I used
some of my new knowledge gained from the workshop.

So much to learn and so little time!

Visit Peter on My Space: Peter Vadiveloo

pics: backstage Stage 2, enjoying the elevated view, satisfied participants

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