Friday, June 24, 2011

Barwon Heads: Storytelling for little people

Well ... I always say, its not a bad job and someone has to do it!

And not a bad way to end the week either. With a story box full to bursting, I was up at dawn for breakfast, in the car and on the freeway heading west before the commuters (or so I thought). The traffic was moving steadily and I was in Barwon Heads within an hour and a half. The Barwon Bridge is still being renovated. The road freshly tarred, there were no signs of the dead puffer fish that bridge fisherman casually toss for the cars to squash.

I vist this seaside village every year and tell stories at the local kinder. Every year the sun is shining, the breeze is light and the children greet me with the healthiest energy of anywhere. Every year I think , I can't do this, its too far. But its just too beautiful not to be part of Barwon, even if it is for only a day

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