Sunday, June 5, 2011

Newport Artists Market : Kamishibai Australian way

Stories, stories stories.

It's been a while since I set up a story space at the Newport Substation Artists Market. It's my stubborn belief that stories have a place in a market alongside the handmade soaps, jewellery, knitwear, pickles and boutique ales. Having told stories in a small room away from the hubbub, I decided it was time to set up my bike, with kamishibai mounted on the back, and stop the
passing traffic.

The result brought many surprises. Here is Justin next to the set up after having listened to the tale of Split Dog. Justin said he was delighted to find a kamishibai in the market and it reminded him of his childhood - listening the the travelling kamishishai tellers in Japan.

My Kamishai was loaded with five tales. The Two Brothers, I acquired as a result of the Kamishibai Swap Library set up by Derek in the UK. This
beautiful story tells of the imagined beginnings of the first men to tell stories this way. You can see Ted Smith standing there with the children totally engrossed. The beautiful wooden box is of course all Ted's handiwork.

The day wasn't about money , although I did make $2.00! It was really about promoting the Newport Folk Festival July 1 - 3. This is a fantastic event created and managed by my local
folk club. Its like a big party with something for everyone. This year there will be workshops, talks, activities for the kids - it grows and grows and it is a privilege and pleasure to part of the team.

Christine, me, Alan and Ted (Newport Fiddle and Folk Club)

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