Sunday, June 19, 2011

Torquay Froth and Bubble Literary Festival 2011

Life is mostly froth and bubble,

Two things stand like stone,

KINDNESS in another's trouble,

COURAGE in your own. Adam Lindsay Gordon (1833 - 1870)

The title for this Literary Festival is taken from Adam Lindsay Gordon's poem Ye Wearie Wayfarer.

The kindness and hospitality that greeted Claire and me when we walked into the Festival was palpable. The venue was full to bursting with people of all ages bustling to talks and workshops.

Andy Griffiths packed them in as always.

Peter Caddy,

author of a series of picture books about the Couta boats, rocked the building with a performance poetry piece with the students of St Therese Primary School. I was blown away by this well rehearsed and joyous choral speaking!

Claire's Saxby's workshop : making your own story, was a hoot as always. What can be more fun than playing with rhyme? You can read the results on Claire's blog

After lunch, I delivered my passionate and serious lecture on oral traditions. I can of course bang on for hours about stories and storytelling but I'm alway aware of what I don't know and how much there is to learn. One lifetime is simply not adequate!

The truly exciting thing about a Festival is the people you meet.

Ceridwyn Gordon, comes from a storytelling family and is keeping the tradition alive and I finally met Lee Foyster aka Leedy the Storyteller. There is certainly talent and enthusiasm for storytelling on the Surf Coast.

Many thanks to the Froth and Bubble Festival and to John Adams in particular.

Froth and Bubble Literary Festival

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