Sunday, January 29, 2012

Home Cooked Comics Festival: Kamishibai and other outdoor stories

I've been watching the weather all week - checking the long range forecast which changes constantly and feeds open air performance anxiety. The Home Cooked Comics Festival in Batman Park (how bizarre is that?) promised to be a celebration for those who love comic books and graphic novels but it could have all gone to mush if it had been too wet, too hot, too windy...

But the elements were kind. The weather was perfect - hottish but with a cooling breeze and Batman Park has a good scattering of mature, shady trees - all up, a wonderful environment for an outing with the bike and the Kamishibai.

The festival had a fabulous buzz and though I was busy telling stories for most it and missed out on a lot, I can say in all honesty the vibe was happy, the smiles stretched from ear to ear and folk were coming up to me expressing open hearted delight at the whole thing. The program included a parade, a fight choreography workshop, giant comic book making, live music ... Bernard Caleo mcd the Comics Quiz... You can read more about the program here.

Thanks to the Festival and Darebin Council for inviting me along. The K was a huge a success. I am absolutely hooked on the idea of taking stories out into the world - into parks, markets and festivals.

On the subject of the joy of taking stories out into public spaces, here is a video clip of friend Luis Correia Carmelo selling stories in a park in Portugal. His stories cost between 1 and 5 euro.

Enjoy ...

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