Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kamishibai hits the road

Peter - up to his elbows in bike entrails

Oh Boy! Has this been a process!

Not having the skills to make my own kamishibai rig, Peter Santos who sold me my bike, bravely took on the challenge.

With Christmas and New Year and a constant stream of helmut heads wanting his beautiful bikes, I have had to be patient. But at last the rig has been fitted and I have been pedalling the streets of Newport road testing the design.

Bel supervises all sales

The box is made of powder coated steel and fixed to the pack rack with four removable clamps. Ted Smith, who made the K inserted 3 earth magnets into the base of the K and it clamps to the lid. The beauty of this idea is I can sit the K on any angle.

Inside the box is a shelf. The K sits snug in a purpose stitched blanket case and is prevented from bouncing around by a roll of socks. The bottom shelf fits a ton of drawings. The rig is very heavy and the steering is different - just need to be cautious. The Pilen bike is so beautifully geared and balanced, that I really do not notice any extra effort pedalling. I know of no other bike that could cope so well with the load.

Peter has fitted the bike with a double leg kickstand but to add to the stability I have added a few tent poles. These will be replaced in time with Clickstands.

Now I know all this detailed info will not be of interest to everyone - but trust me, there are kamishibai enthusiasts around the world and this kind of sharing conversation makes us happy!

Peter Santos : psbikes

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