Monday, May 21, 2012

Champions Read: Storyteller for Bookweek 2012

Children's Book Week is the highlight of the year for storytellers and authors. Its a wonderful chance to meet our readers, tell stories and share news of our up and coming projects.

The theme for Book Week is Champions Read. I'm not sure if Phar Lap was great reader but if he was I'm sure he would approve of my story.

When I chose to write about this champion I had no idea how much research was involved and then I decided to write the story in verse! That's a story in itself!

Listen to an interview about the process of writing Phar Lap the wonderhorse and a reading here

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The Storytelling Garden (03) 9569 6149. 

To purchase  Phar Lap the wonder horse (Illustrated by Patricia Mullins, pub. Museum Victoria): 

My second book Lyrebird! a true story will be out shortly and promises to be another winner.

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