Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photos: Canterbury Tales Book Club. Williamstown Literary Festival 2012

For those of you  who have been following the story ...  this group of creatives is (mostly) connected through the Newport Fiddle and Folk Club. Sharing an interest in combining music, storytelling, dance and visual art and seeing the Williamstown Literary Festival on the horizon, they formed the The Canterbury Tales Book Club Project. An advance party approached the Literary Festival committee with a plan to present the results of the Book Club to the public and we were given the green light!. Clear as mud?
Well ... enjoy the pics! We had a fabulous time presenting lectures, re-tellings of some of the favourite Tales, Morris Dancing and songs.

Tales told: The Nun's Priest's Tale, The Miller's Tale and The Pardoner's Tale. Each of the storytellers took on their task in unique ways. Pictured at the top is Bernard Caleo (Nun's Priest's), comic book maker and Kamishibai storyteller. Chaucer would have loved it!

Next pics are my friends Catherine Ryan and Claire Saxby, lecturere and MC
And here is me and Danniel O'Connell - the Pardoner and the Miller 
Finally Simon Leverton - our Musical Director.

Thankyou Williamstown Literary Festival

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