Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making a new kamishibai story: La Cucarachita

Three days of indescribable mess and I've finally finished making the cards for a new story for the kamishibai! 

I'm off soon to the International Storytelling Conference in NSW in June, there's the inaugural  Winter Kids Festival in July and then there's  Sweet Tidings at the Immigration Museum ... as if I don't have enough to think about! But I adore this story about the cockroach who falls in love with a mouse; very popular in Spanish speaking countries. I had an excuse to skype my storyteller friend Luis Correia Carmelo in Portugal, as I decided that I must speak some Spanish to go with. This little cockroach is thinking about all the sweet she would like to eat: un helado, un chocolatte ...
And ... um .. there's a pig (cerdo) in the story ...   
I have adapted this traditional story from a version I found in Montgomery Kelly's wonderful book available here

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Leonie said...

Bee-yoo-da-full! Well done you!


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