Sunday, June 24, 2012

Glen Eira Storytelling Festival: Fairy Tale Salon 2012

 I had the best day! Four hours immersed in Fairy Tales both told and unpicked. In the tradition of a 17th century French Fairy Tale Salon, some of us donned outfits we would not normally be seen in. Of course shoes and boots are featured in many tales and Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario (teacher of Fairy Tales, lover of comics and animated features) was snapped in a stunning pair of blue suede boots!
Wiebke Eikholt wore a glorious frock with poise and dignity but confessed to having left her wig at home. Wiebke has an interest in animal fables, not a tale type we explored yeasterday which makes me think ... that might be a good starting for another Salon! 
 Suzanne Sandow from Storytelling Australia (Vic) took the prize for the best costume of the day. It was stunning and not only that she made it herself. 

Me? ... well ... Iv'e never had a talent for dressing up but I had read somewhere that cross- dressing was not uncommon at this time. So I went for the suit. I thought I looked quite snappy but I was told as I worked out the door and headed for the train station, I looked like a gangster.

All the fun aside - the really exciting thing about yesterday was listening to well informed and serious students and teachers of folk lore, deepening my own knowledge of the genre and connecting with others who share the passion.
There is a more detailed report of the day, the papers, students and academics at Storytelling Australia (Victoria).

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