Saturday, February 26, 2011

Famous Reporter 42

Famous Reporter 42 was launched in Melbourne on this humid Melbourne Saturday afternoon. Walleah Press is the Tasmanian publisher of this biannual literary journal.

A crowd of writers gathered in the fabulous Collected Works Bookshop in the Nicholas Building for drinks, speeches and readings.

Ralph Wessman (editor of Famous Reporter) was the mc, inviting some of our best poets to take centre stage.

Says Helen Cerne, '... Famous Reporter is one of those little mags that has a heart, a soul and an idealistic altruistic editor who drives taxis to pay for it! If only the world had more Ralphs...'

I was there with Helen, writer and publisher (Vanark Press) and Jonathan Griffiths. Helen published Jonathan's book The Road Behind in 2010 and it was my honour to deliver the launch speech. Famous Reporter publishes launch speeches! So... in a nut shell - we three of us had a chance to share our interest in fiction publishing and speech writing.

You can read more about TRB and purchase a copy on line. This book will take you to places where nice Radio National listening folk like me don't dare to go. But hey .. that's what stories are for.

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