Monday, February 28, 2011

The tale of Split-Dog. Tall Tales from Australia.

Waiting for the key. A good story is worth the wait.

Ho humm

A story from where?

You'll see.


Yeah. Australia


Yeah! Split-Dog!

He wasn't always called 'Split-Dog', he used to be called just 'Dog'. And a handsome faithful hound he was too. Never left Ol'Joe's side.

Dog and Ol' Joe were out huntin' a 'roo. A wiley old boomer who didn't wanna to be caught. He jumped to the right. BOING! Dog jumped to the right. He jumped to the left. BOING! Dog jumped to the left. Then he went behind a tree. Dog didn't know whether to go right or left. In a moment of indecision he went both ways. Now ... this is a cautionary tale ... because ...

... Dog split in two!!

Ol'Joe said, 'Crikey Dog! I Never seen ya do that before. Better stick ya back.' So he took the wad of tobacco that lived behind his ear and chewed it up with a bit of spit until it was good and sticky and he stuck Dog back together. But Ol'Joe wasn't much good a fixin' and he stuck Dog together topsy turvy!

He stuck him two legs up and two legs down. 'Crikey!! Guess I'll hafta call ya Split-Dog from now on.'

Before ya could say Burrumbuttock, Split-Dog was back on his feet chasin'. When two legs got tired, he just flipped himself over and kept on going.

And that's how Dog became Split-Dog.

But that's just the beginning. Split-Dog and Ol'Joe went on to have many adventures.

But they're for another time ....


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