Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kamishibai : Storytelling Australian way

OK .... so here's the thing ...

For some time now I've been working on a series of Tall Tales, a popular genre in the past and currently enjoying a revival. What goes around comes around.

The character that caught my imagination is Split Dog. Hmm ... Whose he? Well he's a dog who split in two and when he was stuck back
together, he was topsy turvy - two legs up and two legs down! He also appears in Nth American Tall Tales, sometimes as Davy Crocket's dog.

Well I happened to ask Bernard Caleo if he had any idea how I could convey this condition and he said, one word, 'Kamishibai'. This translates as 'paper theatre'.

Now ... I belong to a folk Club, the NFFC and I
can't begin to tell you how many wonderful and
talented people I've met through the Club. I was talking to Ted and mentioned Kamishibai theatre boxes to him and the next minute he is in his workshop making one!

Are you still with me?

So today I brought home the most exquisitely
crafted box. Ted's vision is that the box will be used to share stories far and wide and for years to come. And so it will be.

Together with my talented partner, I'm working on a series of cards to illustrate Split Dog. This series of wild tales has been honed with the editorial support of South Australian storyteller Graham Ross.

Artist and friend Leonie Kervin is working on a series of drawings to illustrate the Princess and the Pea. With luck these will be ready for April 2 Hans Anderson's birthday.

I'm such a believer in the value of storytelling and having the support of people like Leonie and Ted who are willing to come on board and contribute their talents is quite overwhelming.

So ... now you are wondering ... if I unlock the box what stories are inside? Well you will have to wait ... not long now ... just a few more sleeps ...

Thankyou, Bernard, Ted, Leonie, Graham and John. I won't let you down.


Bettina said...

oh Jackie this is so beautiful - and Split Dog will dance, hop, switch and split his way across the story space...

Book For Little Hands said...

I'm so excited to find your website and blog! I've found you on LinkedIn just by chance but all week I've been trying to work out to create workshops on my two favourite subjects literacy and storytelling.

I'm an aspiring children's picture book author and I've written many stories that I'm trying to get published. I'm also a qualified early childhood teacher.

I love that that you're adapting stories about Australian history and classics by Hans Christian Anderson.

gfross said...

Great stuff, Jackie: I love the perfect match of the beautiful construction, with your elegant, simple language & visuals. Graham R

Joanna Johnson said...

Love it can you tell me the dimensions? Hubby is going to make one for our daughter.


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