Thursday, February 3, 2011

One World, Many Stories and Seven League Boots!

I try to cut down on the story paraphernalia but stuff can be so interesting. So here I am ... I get myself a new story box and it's still not big enough for the spinning wheel, the shark's teeth, the Old Sailor and the Old Lady! But I do have a pair of seven league boots and these are really going to cut down on travel costs. Now if you don't now what they are click seven league boots and you'll find out.

Bookings are trickling in for Education Week and Bookweek. The theme for Bookweek this year is 'One World, Many Stories', so I'm uncertain as to whether I should be consulting a Melways or an Atas. I think I'll go the Atlas ... after all ... I've got a pair of seven league boots - the world is my oyster!

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Leonie said...

Now thats an impressive kit out. There'll be no stopping you now. You go girl!


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