Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jan Andews, Jennifer Caley and Diane Wolkstein in Melbourne

January has had rich offerings for story lovers. As part of my role with the Storytelling Guild Vic, it has been my pleasure to meet, break bread and drink wine with these fine story guests from lands across the sea... and drink tea and eat scones and jam and cream!

Jan and Jennifer (Ontario) where one of the headline acts for the Midsumma Festival. They performed here, there and everywhere and it was my good fortune they crossed the Yarra River with their show The Book of Spells and told their story in the Mechanics institute in Williamstown - a short bike ride or a longish walk from my house. After the show we retired (along with a contingent of Vic, SA and Qld tellers) to my back garden which is looking fantastic after all the rain. As well as their shows Jan and Jennifer had a full program of w/shops and, with the versatility expected of oral storytellers, entertained children at La Mama and in the park. Inspiring, warm, feisty women. A pleasure to meet and an honour to share tales.

Diane Wolkstien (New York) is travelling around Australia telling stories and offering w/shops. On one of Melbourne's searing summer days, a group of us escaped the 40 degree heat and under the beautiful stained glass Leonard French ceiling in the NGV International, we were mesmorized by her masterful retelling of the story of the Monkey King epic: Journey to the West with musical soundscape provided by Jeff Greene. Too hot for bread and wine, we nonetheless enjoyed hosting afternoon tea in the gallery restaurant for Diane and Jeff.

Thankyou Diane, Jeff, Jan and Jennifer for sharing the gift of story with us here in Australia.

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