Monday, March 24, 2014

100 stories at The State Library of Victoria's Children Book Festival 2014

The State Library of Victoria's Children Book Festival once again drew crowds from around Victoria. The State Library was founded in 1854 – a beautiful building, famous for it domed reading room.

I work as a volunteer with 100 Story Building, a centre for young writers based in Melbourne’s inner-west and our contribution was an all-day activity set up in the Queen’s Hall. 

When one child became overwhelmed by all the activities, I said, ‘You don’t have toparticipate, you can just lie on your back and enjoy the ceiling. Its so old and beautiful.’ And she did!

We evoked the 100 Story Building with some very long sheets of paper marked out with all 100 stories. Then we invited our curious guests to explore the 'lost property' suit cases, find an object, work out on what floor it had been found, then draw and write a story to explain the whatever!!! Then the story was placed on the building. 
Does that make sense? Course it does! Well ... maybe you had to be there. It was chaos but brilliant. We made a 100 Story Building!!!! 

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