Monday, March 31, 2014

The Australia Wild Project

On Sunday I took a train ride up to 'the hills', to Belgrave. I was invited by the Australia Wild Project to talk about the story behind the story of Lyrebird! A true story. This project 'seeks to increase awareness of our unique native flora and fauna through art and through seminars on environmental topics in conjunction with community environmental groups'. As always, when I talk about the research behind the book, I come away having learned more and with a deeper respect for the folk who work to protect the habitat of wild animals.

The seminars and workshops are taking place in Sherbrooke Art Society Inc's beautiful gallery. It was explained to me that this gallery was a restaurant back in the 1920s and 30s. I have no doubt, Edith Wilkinson might have enjoyed a meal at the 'Red Mill'. 

Its well worth taking a moment to check out the coming events listed on the Australia Wild Project website. There are events for children, the Lyrebird Survey Group and Field naturalists Club of Victoria will be making presentations and so much more.

And the cream on the cake are the glorious works on display in the gallery.


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