Monday, March 17, 2014

FRAMED at 100 Story Building 2014

My day began with a short ride to Footscray to the 100 Story Building where I volunteer when I can.

As word spreads about the fun to be had at 100 Story, more schools are booking workshops. There are many to choose from: DIY Universe, Comic BOOM, 100 Stories Down but today the students were ready to be FRAMED!
FRAMED is a collaborative workshop involving, drawing, talking and embodying story. The participants find themselves using the language of film, comics, third person narrative and direct speech. With two ‘actor volunteers’, the young writers, explore character and relationships as well as physically directing the action while putting speech into in the mouths of their living protagonists.

The primary school students this morning chewed through the activities. 

Its difficult to explain so I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Lachlan has drawn the setting (under direction). Its a tall building and we can see a light on in one of the windows.

Zoom in for a close up of someone reading a book. Its 'Lola' and she doesn't want to be disturbed.

What the pictures don't show is the adventurous 'Kylie' (because she was taking the photos). 'Kylie' has found a rare and valuable wombat skull. Very mysterious! The more thoughtful 'Lola' has a book about secret paths and strange places. Could this book solve the mystery of the skull?

100 Story Building brings together young writers and members of Melbourne’s creative community, and encourage them to share in their skills and understandings through creative writing excursions, publishing programs and after-school activities.

Learn more about 100 Story Building HERE

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