Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Greg O'Leary: A lifetime achievement, preserving Australian fiddle tunes.

Hobsons Bay Leader
12 Mar 2013

Friend Greg O'Leary has been recognised with a lifetime achievement award (Tamworth Music Festival) for his work collecting and passing on Australian fiddle tunes. Here he is on the front page of The Hobsons Bay Leader. In the same way storytellers pass on stories from ear to mouth, fiddle players pass on tunes from ear to ear and so the music is carried through time and around the world. Greg an I have had some fun over the years performing tunes and stories at the Williamstown Literary Festival and Hobsons Bay Libraries. The man is a living treasure, an archive and entertaining to boot.

Greg will be playing this weekend at the Newport Bush Dance Sunday 17 March at the Newport Lakes.

Details here:

I'll be there with a story or two - still deciding which one.

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