Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Delivering Books In Homes 2013

 This morning I was up at 5.45 am and on the road by 7.00. It takes an early start if you want to beat the traffic gridlocks that choke Melbourne roads during the working week.

My destination was a primary school in the northern suburbs where the teachers and children are  celebrating books and reading. 

The school I was visiting participates in a program called Books In Homes.

Books in Homes is about empowering children and families living in disadvantaged circumstances in Australia by inspiring a love of reading.

The celebrations began with some spirited storytelling and closed with each child being given a bag of three books which they had selected themselves at an earlier time. 
One of the teachers kindly took some photos for me.  I love the children's faces in the thrall of the story. Then later on, when they received their books, their delight was infectious. Some clearly couldn't believe that the books they had chosen had finally come to them and with their names clearly written on the covers. 

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