Monday, March 11, 2013

Three days of Moomba! 2013

Three days of working at Moomba in sweltering weather was an experience to remember. Like all festival gigs, it involved much thinking on feet and making do with difficult random happenings. But everyone was in the same boat. And the event crew were astonishingly, supportive. One artists said to me - 'What's going on? Everyone here is so bloody nice!'

Working in The Little Big Top, I had the fun of sharing the air conditioned dressing room  with  Ashton Entertainment Australia. Being a circus tragic this was a thrill and and I had to show restraint and not relentlessly quizz Jan Ashton Rodriguez about the history of Ashton's.

Other wonderful performers drifting in and out of the heat were Cha Cha Sam. This is truly intelligent singing and dancing for small people and the big people who care for them.

Lana Schwarez with her Minute Exhibit was sweating it out under the trees. Check it out! Gorgeous. 

Tamara Rodiguez, snapped about to enter the ring.

Huge thanks to the organisers of this festival. What a privilege to be part of it.

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